Book Lounge: Jessica Swift

"Write, Revise, Repeat ..." with Jessica Swift. How do writers get their ideas? Get them in order? Fix and revisit them? Talk tonight at 4 High St., in The Lounge, Brattleboro

How do writers get their ideas? Once they have them, how do they get them in order? Finally, once they're in order, how do they fix and revisit the pieces that need it?

Well, those questions and more will be answered at the Lounge! Come talk about getting ideas (there could be a writing prompt or two!), the different ways to lay out and organize those ideas (Panther? Outliner? Other?), and the various processes that take place during writing and creating!

Come with something to write with and on (if you're so inclined), thoughts about your own processes, and questions about anything book.

The Book Lounge: Iformation

Writers and readers rejoice! There is a place to move away from your thoughts and be social On Thursday nights, The Lounge at 4 High Street in Brattleboro transforms into "The Book Lounge," where poets, writers, and readers mingle and lean into this beautiful profession. Have you thought about joining a book group, but don't have time? The Book Lounge will also be a place to discuss what people are reading in small groups in a casual setting. No pressure to finish a book on time for a `real' book group and there will always be 'spoiler alerts'! Book Lounge in Brattleboro is a place for weekly gatherings to discuss what people are reading, a chance to read short new poems, essays, or fiction of your own, a place to listen to other readers and gather information about the craft of writing and the joy of reading. Our `book loungers' are writers, poets, artists, bookstore

owners, publishers, editors, librarians . . . an array of regulars and drop in visitors are always welcome.

About our host: Jessica Swift started Swift Ink Editorial Services in 2008. Prior to starting her business, Jessica was the in-house managing editor at Longhill Partners, where she oversaw three imprints. Since 2008, Jessica has worked with writers and authors around the globe on hundreds of book and writing projects. Jessica's passion is helping writers and authors achieve their writing goals through honest communication, effective editorial collaboration, and clarity about the services she provides.

The Book Lounge is curated by the editors at Green

Writers Press, a local, independent publisher located in Brattleboro, to foster a social community around the creative arts in southern Vermont in a free and

social space, where outside writers as well will be invited to participate. The Book Lounge is located at 4 High Street in Brattleboro and meets every Thursday

at 6 to 8 p.m..  Dede Cummings at or 802-380-1121.


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