Letter: A master manipulator


Editor of the Reformer:

An age-old trick is to make an outrageous comment or accusation and then stand back and watch what happens. If the thought does not get legs, then the accuser has learned what doesn't matter much to people. If it does get legs, then the accuser gets lots of free publicity plus plants a seed in some people's minds that there just might be some truth in comment, regardless of how outrageous it might be. What we are seeing is a master manipulator at work, threatening the health of our country and maybe the world.

But there are signs of hope. Even some of Trump's supporters are tired of being used as pawns to feed his ego and are beginning to see the betrayal. The press and news shows are devoting less attention to spinning his yarns. One certain way to deflate an egotist and diminish his impact is to ignore his rants and to push back intelligently against his dangerous, discriminatory, and self-serving actions. Our actions of writing, marching, phoning, and meeting do matter and are what help make a democracy work. We must stay actively involved.

Mike Szostak,

Guilford, March 6


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