Letter: A stinky situation

Editor of the Reformer:

Just recently I met a friend in Newfane village for a stroll of the lovely village. As we were walking we noticed the sidewalks were covered in a large amount of dog feces. We were appalled by irresponsible pet owners and the blatant disrespect for others living in this historic district. We don't understand why pet owners don't pick up after their pets? Are they unable to bend over or are they in a hurry? Unfortunately, it appears they feel it's someone else problem to deal with. The village is a beautiful place, it is sad that it is not respected or maintained in a way that all who live there and those who visit have to see, smell, and hopefully not step in irresponsible pet owners duty to clean up after their beloved pets.

Alice Muise,

Townshend, March 13


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