Letter: Congress must investigate Russian involvement


Editor of the Reformer:

Can you imagine the uproar amongst Republicans if Hillary Clinton had publicly asked the Russians to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, they proceeded to meddle in the election on her behalf and she won despite getting nearly three million fewer popular votes? The alt right would be out in the streets and Trump would be tweeting 24/7 that he was robbed by a rigged system.

Yet here we are about to inaugurate a president who invited an adversary to interfere in our election when he asked the Russians to look for Clinton's e-mails. The NSA, CIA and FBI all agree that Putin himself approved hacking and the spreading of false news stories in an effort to weaken confidence in democracy and help Trump win. So far, Republican leaders have been much more interested in trying to squash independent ethics investigations of Congress and in repealing Obamacare (without any plan to replace it) than in protecting the integrity of our electoral process.

As for the president-elect, he has maligned the competence of our intelligence services and spoken not one word of criticism of Russia or his hero, Vladimir. This is outrageous. Congress should immediately hold hearings to investigate Trump's connections to Putin and Russia. They should demand to see his tax returns to determine what kind of financial entanglements he has there. Ditto for Rex Tillerson, the head of Exxon and Trump's nominee for Secretary of State. Is the highest priority of the incoming administration protecting democracy and advancing the common good of all Americans, or paving the way for huge corporations and billionaires to negotiate even more lucrative deals?

Bill Dunkel,

Windham, Jan. 9


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