Letter: Display a flag 'for the duration'

Editor of the Reformer:

Being homeowners after retirement, we never flew the American flag. Until, that is, the Electoral College put a minority president, Donald Trump, in the White House.

As a kid during WW II, I pledged allegiance to the classroom flag and occasionally hoisted it up the flagpole outside Greenacres School. I respect the flag but am vigorously opposed to all Trump stands for. Many citizens in Vermont and elsewhere feel stymied. Is there a patriotic protest?

Your local hardware or building supply stores sell American flags of several sizes. I chose the smallest, four-inches-by-five inches, attached it to a wooden dowel, also sold in the store, and slipped it into the wall bracket already on the front porch. After six weeks, the colors do not run. Except for size this American flag is every bit as decorous as flags now so large they must be unfolded horizontally in front of a crowd before the start of football games.

Several dollars, or $6 if the cheapest bracket is found, is the price for being observant yet disquieted, today's counterpart to what was called "the Duration" of my childhood, 75 years ago.

Craig Gilborn,

East Dorset, Jan. 9


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