Letter: Fight animal cruelty

Editor of the Reformer:

March 1 is Humane Lobby Day at the State Capitol in Montpelier. This day is the opportunity for all Vermonters to speak with legislators regarding Humane issues involving animals. Please attend and urge others to attend. We must urge our representatives to take animal cruelty seriously and impose harsher penalties and real consequences on abusers.

The fellow who stole the bow and arrow in Barre and bragged that he was going to kill something with it, is clearly a dangerous sociopath. When alerted on Facebook that there was a reward out for the murderer of Bunny, the beloved pet horse, his unremorseful response was "Yo, man - hahaha - LOL." The judge released him to a drug rehab facility. After being asked to leave due to his behavior and attitude, he was back in court. The judge released him again with instruction to enroll in another rehab facility.

The charges of animal cruelty resulting in death are a misdemeanor. The only felony charge is labeled "mischief."

Premeditated murder of a beloved pet horse in her own backyard is not a juvenile prank. The fellow in Bristol who has priors for domestic assault, kicked a 16-week-old Labrador puppy to death during an argument with his girlfriend recently. He has already violated all of his conditions of release but is free until a pre-trial hearing March 9. All of the obviously guilty parties in the horrific Eden Cruelty Case have walked. The main perpetrator who posed as a rescue running bogus on-line fund raisers was raided in February of 2015 and 100 sick, filthy, starving, tortured dying dogs were removed from this house of horrors. The case dragged on for a disgraceful two years while the accused manipulated the court including perjury for which there were no consequences. I am told now by the Humane Society that the accused may own dogs again.

The state's prosecuting attorney states that his hands are tied because of the laws in Vermont. So we must change the laws. Our new tourist slogan to attract visitors to Vermont could read, "Sociopaths, serial killers, dog fighters — Come one, Come all! Vermont welcomes you. You will be provided a safe haven for your activities."

Shelah Vogel,

Newport Center, Dec. 27


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