Letter: Make sure Trump passes Progressive policies

Editor of the Reformer:

I am getting pummeled with political posting about "Resisting," "Fighting" and even "Stopping!" Trump, who I did not vote for...I voted for Sanders! In fact, I'm getting so many postings that I now have a prepared response, as follows:

Instead of endless "fighting," how about we make sure Trump passes the two policy initiatives he stole from Sanders' platform, which Progressives overwhelmingly adored, which won Trump the election! Can you imagine, two things BOTH PARTIES agreed on!

1. Reinstatement of Glass-Steagall Banking Regulation to protect 99.9 percent of Americans from the next Wall St./City of London Crash around the corner, and

2. Throw out British Style Free Trade in favor of Fair Trade and Rebuilding the US Physical Economy without which you can not have an economy which works for everyone! Our economic policies have led to social decline.

Our "Savior" Came in the Form of a Pig...apparently what we deserve. So Simple. Are we in Denial, perhaps?

So, how about we take control of Trump the Pig, before he takes control of us? Not a bad idea.

Think on it, fellow Americans! Let's do it right this time.

Elizabeth Dery

Townshend, Jan. 7


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