Letter: Respect the will of Vernon


Editor of the Reformer:

On Tuesday, February 21, the voters of Dummerston will have the opportunity to vote whether or not to release the town of Vernon from BUHS #6. A "yes" vote would indicate that the voters of Dummerston agree that Vernon can leave the union district. A "no" vote would mean that Vernon should not be released from the union district.

More than 10 years ago the five towns of the BUHS #6 passed a bond to build a three school campus at the existing site on Fairground Road. Today the campus is a testimony to the commitment citizens made toward excellence in secondary education.

If Vernon is allowed to exit, Vernon will relinquish all accrued assets on the Fairground Road campus. All five towns in the Union have been contributing to the bond debt in subsequent years. Vernon would relinquish the buildings, playing fields, auditorium, etc. and these assets would be transferred to the remaining four towns.

In all likelihood 80 percent of Vernon's students would continue to enter BAMS as seventh graders and graduate six years later from BUHS as they have done for the last half century or more. Tuition will be determined by the district for students from Vernon. Tuition will include that portion still owed on the debt service for the building reconstruction. By relinquishing all assets and continuing to enroll students, there will be no additional financial burden on the citizens of Putney, Dummerston, Guilford and Brattleboro.

I hope that the voters of Dummerston respect the will of Vernon and vote to release the town from BUHS #6.

Shaun Murphy

Guilford, Feb. 14


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