Letter: The pride shines through

Editor of the Reformer:

Along with some 800 others, I walked across the new I-91 bridge on March 4. We were impressed by all we saw and heard. The old saw, "Good enough for government work," simply does not apply.

But what we saw didn't impress me nearly as much as the professionals on hand to talk about what they have been doing and answer our questions. I spoke to a few and listened to several others from design engineers to crew foremen. I don't know which were from PCL Civil Constructors and which from Figg Bridge Engineers. But they all were knowledgeable and willing to answer questions in terms us laymen could understand. They are to be commended for taking the time for the tour.

But what impressed me more than hosting the tour or the planned 150-year life span or the stainless steel rebar was the obvious pride of the yellow-garbed professionals on hand. They were all clearly very proud of the work they have done, and I think deservingly so. I can't imagine that the guys I heard speak so lovingly of what they have accomplished could have done anything other than an outstanding job.

George Carvill,

Brattleboro, March 6


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