Letter: We need more in-depth community news


Editor of the Reformer:

I applaud the Brattleboro Reformer for wanting to sustain the small town paper tradition, as a source for community communication. Unfortunately in this case for myself, the outcome has been disappointing. I had been alerted by a number of good sources that the remaining Brattleboro Retreat Petting Zoo animals would in the near future be auctioned off for slaughter. I tried a number of times to talk personally to a staff writer on the specific issue, as well as sending an email and photos.

I was finally informed upon calling once again, that my concern was being covered. I left the assigned writer a couple of messages trying to make contact, emphasizing the need to touch base as to be more specific on the key issue. The communication never happened, and while the Dec. 30 Reformer headline is eye catching ("Retreat Farm Responds To Concerns About Animals"), the main substance of the article is specifically about Carlos the Brahma Holstein. I adore Carlos as much as everyone who has ever been lucky enough to meet him, but I and others have equal concern about his bovine companion Pedro, and the briefly mentioned donkeys, and ponies. Several of these animals are older, and their fate is as equally an issue, as Carlos. What is going to happen to them, will they also be remaining at the Petting Farm or are they planned to be auctioned off?

I want to support my local paper, but please in the future contact the source if requested, and not assume the main issue of a community concern. I would also encourage that on a political level to acknowledge the patriarchal mindset here, that the big guy gets all the attention ... nothing on dear Carlos mind you.

Terry Carter,

Brattleboro, Jan. 1


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