Robin Anish: Easter is but a memory, but not the ham

What a lovely spring day this past Easter Sunday was. With a bright blue sky dotted with clouds as fluffy as a bunny's tail, fresh air, plenty of warm sunshine and an easy-going spring rain in the evening, it was wonderful!

Our family gatherings are always pleasant occasions. The great weather drew everyone outside after dinner, where we discovered that the Easter bunny had hidden lots of Easter eggs all over the yard. He must have been really good at climbing because there were even eggs up in the tree branches! That was very sneaky on his part.

Well, thank goodness, there were three young volunteers very ready and willing to find all those eggs. Reese, Hannah and Brixton took up their baskets and made it their job to find the eggs. They scrambled, scoured, searched and succeeded in finding every last one of them we think! It was a good thing the Easter Bunny put candy in the eggs because the girls were very hungry after all that work.

For me, nothing makes me feel more joyful than to watch kids outdoors enjoying the simple pleasures of playing. I swear their energy is solar powered and that playful energy happily rubbed off on the grown ups! We played hide and seek, blew bubbles, hit a few softballs, laughed a lot and took walks in search of sticks and stones and other little treasures. It feels so good to play like a kid. It's the best therapy in the world!

So, the day has come and gone, but it left behind lots of good memories. It also left behind ham, but a good ham is so versatile that leftovers are always welcome.

When down to the tail end of the Easter ham, try this recipe for Spring Pasta and Peas.


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