Your Opinions: Who does this sound like?

Editor of the Reformer:

He sends a message using his phone to another person calling him "stupid." The recipient replies with escalated language to the sender and copies in all his friends (and some not-so-friends). This happens in the wee hours of the morning so the fireworks don't start until the next day. The originator no longer cares about his original message but many other people are now involved and emotionally engaged; some angry, some humored, some ready to get-even. The situation continues to escalate for days. The originator sits back and is now entertained by what he has created. Sort of like a reality TV show. ("Fools that they are!")

This is what happens every day in the high school where I work. It's what has now become the norm for teenagers learning to deal with the drama of high school. It's sometimes cruel, hurtful, and damaging but it is part of the experience of learning to become an adult. Unfortunately, not everyone successfully makes the transition from a kid to an adult. There are many reasons why some do not make this transition but one of the primary ones is a lack of empathy.

As a country we are now faced with having a leader who has never made this transition. We are all now part of his realty TV show only this time, it is truly for real. Stand firm to your ideals. Don't be a part of the drama he's creating. Be a part of standing up for what's right and openly opposing what is wrong.

Mike Szostak,

Guilford, Jan. 6


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